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  Oxford & Creedmoor Area Information


The Eakes Funeral Homes are family run businesses and have been serving the area Granville county community for over 50 years.

The origin of this institution dates back to 1950 when George Thomas Eakes began his commitment to the community with the first G.T. Eakes Funeral Home on Littlejohn Street in downtown Oxford, North Carolina.

First home of Eakes Funeral Home on Littlejohn Street

Mr. Eakes opened the second home at 834 North Main Street in Creedmoor, North Carolina in 1958.  He added a chapel in 1965.

The Oxford home was relocated to 106 Clement Avenue in Oxford (the present location) in 1960. The chapel was added in 1975.

Nelson Daniel, who first came to work for Mr. Eakes in 1954, purchased and incorporated the business in the 1980's at the time of Mr. Eakes' retirement. Nelson continued to run the funeral home operations up to his death in January of 2012. His legacy continues on through the work of his daughter, Lynn Daniel Cox, son, Charles Nelson Daniel, son-in-law, Keith Cox, and the other members of the Eakes Funeral Home staff. Eakes Funeral Home continues to serve its clients with dignity, compassion and professionalism under the direction of Lynn Daniel Cox and Charles Nelson Daniel.

Eakes Funeral home after construction in 1960.


Funeral fleet in 1960


Oxford location


Creedmoor location